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For skin in need of regeneration

Limited Day Care Set with FREE luxury sample size Cream Exfoliant 15 ml

Regenerates sensitive skin with intensive anti-aging care. Sensitive skin can age prematurely if it become thinner over time and loses moisture and vital substances. REGENERATIONE supports skin in transition, helping it to resist the marks of time. Intensive care can contribute to minimizing the risk of allergies. Wrinkles are softened; the skin is smoothed and firmed. It looks radiantly fresh and the skin’s natural protection is fortified for the future. Carefully selected ingredients in mild formulations.

Cream Exfoliant remove dry flakes of skin from sensitive skin and support a refined complexion.

Article no.: 602220
  • Anti-aging care, can accompany atopic eczema & psoriasis treatment
  • Developed for people with allergies* (* Compatibility tested)
  • Fragrance-free, especially gentle daytime skin care
  • Cream Exfoliant removes dry flakes of skin
With Macadamia nut oil

Macadamia nut oil offers very good skin protection and makes dry, flaky skin supple again.

Day Cream:
After cleansing in the morning, gently and evenly apply to your face.

Cream Exfoliant:
Gently apply to cleansed, moist skin and massage in lightly. Next, remove with lukewarm water.

Products of the REGENERATIONseries regenerates sensitive skin with intensive anti-aging care. Wrinkles are reduced and the elasticity of the skin is improved. REGENERATIONE can accompany atopic eczema and psoriasis treatment. Discover more REGENERATIONE products to complete your care routine:

Our promise of quality
  1. DADO SENS - No preservatives

    No Preservatives

    Thanks to the combination of packaging and product formula, we have been able to establish a preservative system that enables us to forgo the use of preservatives (in the meaning of the German Cosmetics Directive (KVO) 1223/2009).

  2. DADO SENS - No perfumes

    No Perfumes

    To treat sensitive skin gently, our care products are free from additive that can irritate the skin. They impress users with their natural fragrances.