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Medical care. Natural effect.

DADO SENS specializes in gentle care for highly sensitive skin. These care series, based on natural ingredients, have been dermatologically tested and are the result of years of research. The products support sensitive skin, helping to restore its natural balance. They soothe your skin and gently restore its radiance.

Based on Nature

“Sensitive” refers to skin that is easily irritated and reacts with dryness or blemishes, including minor redness, itching or mild flaking. With its carefully selected active ingredients, non-irritating skin-care formulas, and luxurious textures, DADO SENS tones and protects skin of all ages from head to toe.

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DADO SENS DERMACOSMETICS were first formulated in 1987, with the goal of offering the right kind of care for people with sensitive skin. Since then, we have been working with dermatologists to develop skin-care products that meet our high quality standards. We keep an eye on the latest research so that you can always give your healthy, beautiful skin the best care possible.

Our promise of quality

We use only pure, natural ingredients for our skin-care products. Our years of research mean you can depend on our care series to bring your sensitive skin back into balance, which in turn helps you feel even more beautiful. We work under sustainable conditions, using cutting-edge technology to optimize our formulations so that your skin becomes as radiant as it can possibly be.

Award-winning skin care

Numerous awards have confirmed the efficacy of our high-quality natural skin-care products for sensitive skin. At the international level, DADO SENS products won the French “Victoire de la Beauté” consumer prize, while in Germany, “ÖKO-TEST” magazine has repeatedly recognized them as “very good” skin-care products.


For the sake of the environment, all of our products are 100% vegetarian. And all of them are both naturally effective and based on medical research. All the information about the ingredients is listed in a transparent way in our glossary, so you can feel confident about your skin care and about us. Because we say NO to animal testing and to mineral oils, silicones, etc., but YES to using high-quality plant extracts and active substances for our cosmetic products.