The products in the SENSACEA series were developed for the needs of people with couperose and rosacea. The products in the PROBALANCE series have been around longer and are also suitable for sensitive skin prone to allergic reactions, as well as perioral dermatitis.

Red algae and celandine extracts fortify the skin and reduce mild to medium redness. Panthenol, allantoin, licorice root and aloe vera soothe irritated skin. They perceptibly reduce mild to medium redness.

The efficacy of the SENSACEA series care series has been dermatologically tested and clinically confirmed (https://www.dadosens.com/en-us/efficacy/efficacy-testing/sensacea). The study findings document an improvement in the rosacea score within an 8-week period of use. In the same period of time, the test subject were also able to confirm a significant improvement in skin brightness.