REGENERATIONE has been developed for mature, sensitive skin, and above all for allergy sufferers in search of anti-aging care. However, the range is also ideal for people consciously looking for products without fragrances, colorings and preservatives. Like all the DADO SENS ranges, REGENERATIONE is based on nature and is free of silicones, as well as petroleum products such as paraffins.

For this range we have chosen a complex of ingredients that protects and regenerates sensitive skin. The ectoin anti-aging complex contains, in addition to ectoin, biotin and zinc. The complex guards against free radicals, strengthens the skin’s immune system, and increases the vitality of the skin.

Ectoin, a natural ingredient, supplies moisture to the skin, reducing wrinkles and helping the skin to become smoother and firmer. Ectoin supports natural cell protection and inhibits inflammations. Additional hyaluronic acid, which the Facial Gel and Moisturizing Serum contain, moisturizes. It smooths the skin and increases its elasticity.

Yes, because during the night the skin switches to regeneration and so needs different active substances to those during the day. One of the key ingredients to promote skin regeneration is vitamin A (retinyl palmitate), contained in REGENERATIONE Night Cream.

The Facial Gel is applied after cleansing in the morning and evening, and before your day or night cream. Apply only a few drops of the Moisturizing Serum once a day instead of the Facial Gel or as needed. The Moisturizing Serum can also be used as a moisturizing treatment.

The Cream Exfoliant was developed for sensitive skin in need of regeneration and is also suitable for people with allergies. Like other products in the REGENERATIONE care series, the Cream Exfoliant can also be used as a complement to therapeutic care for atopic eczema and psoriasis.

No, it doesn’t. The entire DADO SENS brand product line is free from microplastic.