For very sensitive skin, we recommend our PROBALANCE products. These have been specifically developed for people whose skin is prone to redness and hypersensitivity, and so they are free of fragrances, colorings and parabens. The cleanser and the light care cream can very quickly soothe irritated skin.

Yes. SOS CARE Acute Cream is particularly suitable for this type of dermatitis. Please note that in the case of perioral dermatitis, changing products frequently and using cream that is too oily or moist can worsen the condition.

No. All the ingredients in this range have been specifically selected according to their potential for causing allergies, i.e. only substances and extracts that are particularly compatible with the skin have been used. Our dermatological studies also confirm this, as do the positive reactions we have had from satisfied customers. However, to be on the safe side, you could also send us your allergy card or inform us of the allergies you suffer from, so that we can check the ingredients again for you individually.

PROBALANCE Face Cream are based on thermal water, rich in minerals, from Bad Wildbad in Germany. This thermal water can increase the skin’s ability to bind water, protect the skin against drying out, and support important cell functions in the skin. PROBALANCE contains a wealth of skin-soothing substances, such as licorice root extract, aloe vera and allantoin. In addition, ceramides and blackcurrant seed oil, which is rich in alpha-linolenic acid, improve the skin barrier and strengthen the skin’s overall resistance. Dermatological studies show a distinct reduction in redness and sensitivity in just a short time.

Yes, we recommend our PROBALANCE products for sensitive skin. They were specially developed for people prone to skin redness and hypersensitivity: for example, for perioral dermatitis.