DADO SENS offers skin care products for dry, oily and blemished skin. For sensitive and for skin prone to allergies and mature skin. Naturally, the products are also suitable for people with normal skin who are looking for natural care products with a very high level of skin-compatibility. DADO SENS also offers Special care, for selective care.

DADO SENS care products can be used to accompany a therapy for the following skin disorders*:

  • Atopic eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Acne
  • Allergies
  • Rosacea
  • Perioral dermatitis

* DADO SENS dermacosmetic care products are non-medicinal and cannot therefore be used to cure skin disorders. For this reason, they cannot replace a doctor’s prescription, nor should they be used in place of consulting a doctor.

In Germany, DADO SENS DERMACOSMETICS products are available from “Reformhaus” health stores, selected specialist stores and our Online Shop. In other countries, they are offered in selected stores.

The entire DADO SENS brand product line is 100% vegetarian. Currently, 47 of these products are vegan.
No. They are all based solely on superior natural ingredients with excellent protection and care properties. We strictly reject the use of animal extracts in our products!
All of our products are fully declared according to the international INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) standard. We would also be very pleased to answer any specific questions you may have about selected ingredients, on the basis of your allergy card, if you have one.
Yes. We’ve set up the following service for you: if you click one of the ingredients in the declaration list on the product pages, a window will open in which the substance is explained in plain English, and its properties and uses described.
No. Only superior-quality plant oils that can be ideally combined with the natural oil in the skin, and which offer excellent skin-compatibility, are used in our products. DADO SENS products are based on nature. We use natural ingredients wherever possible. However, to assist efficacy, which is the top priority for people with skin problems, and to help protect the environment, in certain cases we also give preference to nature-identical substances reproduced in the laboratory.
Dermacosmetics are oriented to the special needs of challenging skin conditions such as acne, atopic eczema or rosacea and can be used to support the prevention and treatment of skin diseases. With respect to their composition, efficacy and compatibility, dermacosmetics should meet specific requirements, some of which go above and beyond the legal regulations.

To us at DADO SENS, Clean Beauty means that we do without unnecessary additives in our formulations. Sensitive skin in particular can react with irritation to a large number of ingredients; in particular, potentially harmful substances.

According to the official definition, the DADO SENS products are not certified natural cosmetics. DADO SENS products are dermacosmetics and structured on a natural basis. In other words, we do without unnecessary additives in our formulations and use natural ingredients whenever possible.
The products from DADO SENS do not contain microplastics – neither in solid nor liquid form. Therefore, the “Look for the zero – zero plastic inside” initiative lists them as microplastics-free.
We carry out compatibility and efficacy studies for all our products, in collaboration with recognized dermatological institutes and clinics. We do not, of course, either perform or commission tests on animals.
Since all cosmetic products must be safe and microbiologically stable, most products require various measures to preserve them and/or extend their shelf life. The alcohol that some of our products contain is 100% potable alcohol, and in the concentration in the products is highly compatible even with the most sensitive of skin. Unlike the alcohol normally used in cosmetic products, it does not contain any denaturants. Alcohol is used in care products in order to make specific ingredients in the product soluble or to keep the formulation stable. It may be one of the first ingredients on the list, but the total concentration in our products is very low – or its effect on the skin is affected by the rest of the ingredients (for example, by high-quality natural oils). Irritation or drying out, like when pure alcohol is used, is excluded. Depending on the formulation, natural or nature-identical preservatives such as benzoic acid, benzyl alcohol, phenoxyethanol, potassium sorbate, salicylic acid, sliver chloride or sorbic acid must be added.
All our care products are developed for different skin types or also harmonized with the various pH zones of the skin. In general, pH values are subject to natural fluctuations, which is why they are always approximate values. We typically do not promote our products’ pH value. Instead, we think it is important for the care product to contribute to keeping the relevant skin type healthy.
To reduce intolerances, we do without fragrances to the greatest possible extent. Only DADO SENS products in the PURDERM series and the deodorants contain a mixture of natural and synthetic fragrances.
All our products are formulated to be used without reservations during pregnancy and by nursing mothers.
Yes, our products are ultra-compatible and therefore, optimally suitable for infants and toddlers. Above all, the products in the EXTRODERM series are suitable for sensitive baby skin.
No, the entire DADO SENS brand product line is free from silicones and PEGs.
Of course. All DADO SENS products are special, dermacosmetic products, produced solely on the basis of nature and very suitable as skin care products to accompany therapy for certain skin problems. They are ideal for long-term use, which also intensifies their effect.
In accordance with cosmetics regulations, the shelf life of all our products is at least 30 months. In addition to this, the jar symbol on the packaging shows you how long the products can be used after being opened. 6M means, for example, “use within 6 months of opening”. Since most of our products do not contain preservatives, it’s important to ensure that they are not exposed to the sun for long periods of time.
In case of intolerance, you can of course return the product in question. Contact the store where you purchased the product directly. If you ordered it from our online shop, please send an email to shop@dadosens.com.
Yes, as long as the products are appropriate for the requirements of the respective skin type.

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