EXTRODERM is suitable for the care of all types of dry skin. It can also be used as accompanying care for atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, diabetes or the skin of elderly people.

Yes. EXTRODERM products are exceptionally kind to the skin and are also ideal for babies and small children. For babies, we recommend EXTRODERM Intensive Cream in particular, since experience shows that this is the most suitable cream for their skin.

Urea is a natural moisturizing factor contained in the skin, and prevents moisture loss. People with extremely dry skin often lack this moisturizing factor, or it is only present in small amounts. Nature-identical urea is reproduced in the laboratory to guarantee pure and consistent quality.

EXTRODERM is suitable for the care of all dry and sensitive skin conditions and as basic care for atopic eczema, psoriasis, diabetes or old skin.

You can use the EXTRODERM Care Treatment every day. To use, selectively apply several drops to the affected areas and massage in. For larger areas of skin, we recommend filling a pipette and squeezing the contents into the palm of your hand, then gently distributing it.

We recommend using an eye care product since the eye contour area is particularly sensitive. EXTRODERM Eye Cream nourishes and soothes the sensitive skin in the eye contour area and strengthens its natural resistance.

With psoriasis, it’s important to take care of both skin symptoms: the dryness with flaking, and the red, inflamed areas of skin. Combined care is ideal: EXTRODERM for care of the entire body – EXTRODERM Shampoo especially for the scalp; for reddened areas, we first recommend SOS CARE Acute Cream until the skin has calmed down a little.

You can gently remove our natural make-up products with the EXTRODERM Cleansing Cream. Remember to rinse with plenty of lukewarm water. Waterproof make-up products cannot be removed with our cleansing products.

We recommend EXTRODERM Shower Cream, a very gentle creamy oil that already protects the skin from drying out while you’re showering, as well as counteracting itching. After your shower, use EXTRODERM Skin Balm. This supplies the skin with moisture, supports its natural ability to bind moisture, and increases its powers of resistance.

In this case, it’s better to care for the skin with SOS CARE Acute Cream or SOS CARE Acute Spray first. The EXTRODERM products are too rich for weeping skin. Do not apply EXTRODERM Intensive Cream to the severely irritated areas until weeping has ceased and the skin has become dry “only”.