PurDerm Deep Cleansing Mask

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DADO SENS PurDerm Deep Cleansing Mask

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Mild gel mask for blemished skin of all ages. Gently removes epidermal scales, opens clogged pores, improves sebum flow. Has disinfecting properties. Can prevent pimples, blackheads and inflammation. With mild fruit acids and bisabolol.

  • Can also accompany therapy for acne and late-onset acne

  • Suitable for sensitive skin

100 % free from fragrance, colorant, preservatives, paraffin, silicone, PEG, animal extracts

Apply thinly to cleansed skin, rinse off after 5–10 min. with a moist cloth and plenty of water. Apply 2–3 times a week.



    • Spring water or thermal water. Water from the Bunter sandstone strata of the Northern Black Forest. Transported from our own wells drilled at a depth of 165 m. Unchlorinated and naturally pure. For moisturizing the skin’s surface and as a solvent for water-soluble active substances and botanical extracts. In ProBalance, REGENERATION E and Ectoin Anti-Aging Fluid, we use the mineral-rich thermal water from Bad Wildbad instead of spring water.
    • Pure, undenatured ethyl alcohol, potable alcohol. Obtained by fermenting plants containing starch or sugar. Alcohol is deployed as a solvent for extracts and various active ingredients. It also has a refreshing, astringent, toning and preservative effect, and stimulates the circulation.
    • Carrageenan. A natural gelling agent for cosmetics and foodstuffs that is derived from red algae. Used to make gels and to thicken emulsions.
    • Xanthan. A polysaccharide produced by microorganisms from plant substrates containing sugar. A gelling/thickening agent that also stabilizes emulsions.
    • Arginine. An amino acid: Amino acids are protein building blocks and occur in the natural moisturizing factors (NMFs) of human skin. They maintain the skin’s slightly acid surface film (protective acid mantle), and bind moisture.
    • Malic acid. A fruit acid. One of the alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs). It has moisturizing properties and, depending on its concentration, is suitable as a mild exfoliator. This smooths the skin and makes it softer. Skin blemishes are reduced more rapidly.
    • Citric acid. Derived by fermentation from corn substrate. Used to regulate the pH value of cosmetics.
    • Lactic acid. Derived by fermentation from plant material (plant carbohydrates/sugar) and is therefore vegan. Can also be found in fruits and the skin’s natural moisturizing factors (NMFs). Has a moisturizing effect and cares for the skin. An alpha hydroxy acid (AHA).
    • An emulsifier from regrowing raw materials: cane or beet sugar and plant fatty acids from vegetable oil. Binds oil and water. Cares for and moisturizes the skin.
    • (Alpha-)bisabolol. An anti-inflammatory, skin-soothing ingredient with an antimicrobial effect. Can be found in essential bergamot oil, chamomile oil and the oil of the candeia tree (vanillosmopsis erythropappa). For BÖRLIND, only bisabolol from sustainable, FSC-certified candeia plantations is used, in order to protect the Brazilian highland rainforests.

  • *The declaration on the packaging prevails.
    Listing the ingredients in accordance with INCI (the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) allows a uniform, language-independent declaration of ingredients throughout Europe. Please see the list above for an explanation of the INCIs.
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