PurDerm Creamy Cleanser
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DADO SENS PurDerm Creamy Cleanser

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Mild, deep cleansing for blemished skin of all ages. Loosens calluses, opens clogged pores, improves sebum flow. With skin-friendly ph-value. With mild tensides and sorbitol.

  • Can also accompany therapy for acne and late-onset acne

  • Suitable for sensitive skin

100 % free from colorant, parabens, paraffin, silicone, PEG, animal extracts

Apply sparingly to moist skin and work to a lather. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water after about half a minute.



    • Spring water or thermal water. Water from the Bunter sandstone strata of the Northern Black Forest. Transported from our own wells drilled at a depth of 165 m. Unchlorinated and naturally pure. For moisturizing the skin’s surface and as a solvent for water-soluble active substances and botanical extracts. In ProBalance, REGENERATION E and Ectoin Anti-Aging Fluid, we use the mineral-rich thermal water from Bad Wildbad instead of spring water.
    • A fatty acid ester. Very light oil component of plant origin that offers good spreadability and does not leave the skin feeling greasy.
    • Behenyl alcohol. A fatty component (fatty alcohol) obtained from the seeds of the moringa tree. Also contained in human skin oil. Cares for the skin and is a thickening agent for emulsions.
    • An emulsifier from regrowing raw materials: plant glycerin and plant stearic acid. Binds oil and water. Cares for the skin.
    • Glycerin. A component of all fats and oils. Glycerin has a moisturizing effect. For BÖRLIND, it is derived solely from vegetable oil.
    • A fatty acid. A fatty component contained in various vegetable fats and oils. It smooths and cares for the skin, and has emulsifying properties.
    • Sorbitol. A natural sugar alcohol of plant origin that occurs naturally in many fruits. Also used in foodstuffs. Has a moisturizing and moisture-retaining effect.
    • A fatty acid. A fatty component contained in various vegetable fats and oils. It smooths and cares for the skin, and has emulsifying properties.
    • An active cleansing substance/surfactant. A very mild and very easily biodegradable surfactant of plant origin. A compound of natural coconut fatty acids.
    • Benzyl alcohol. A declarable fragrance contained in perfume compositions, and a preservative.
    • A (co-)emulsifier. Used in addition to other emulsifiers in low concentration to improve the long-term stability of emulsions.
    • Phenoxyethanol. A nature-identical preservative. It occurs naturally in green tea and chicory.
    • Xanthan. A polysaccharide produced by microorganisms from plant substrates containing sugar. A gelling/thickening agent that also stabilizes emulsions.
    • Essential oils, distillates, perfume, fragrances, and aromatic substances. The collective term for everything that contains fragrances: from an individual essential oil through to perfume compositions made up of many different fragrances.
    • Fat-soluble form of vitamin C. This fat-soluble form of vitamin C is more light- and temperature-resistant, and is converted into free vitamin C in the skin. It has an antioxidant effect, counteracts skin aging caused by free radicals and prevents emulsions from becoming rancid.
    • Lecithin. A substance similar to fat, with emulsifying properties. Can be found in vegetable oils from which it is derived. It cares for the skin and hair, and improves combability. Special lecithins can be made into liposomes in which active ingredients can be encapsulated and protected, improving their bioavailability when applied to the skin.
    • Vitamin E. Can be found in many vegetable oils. As an antioxidant it prevents these from becoming rancid. It also stabilizes cosmetics and protects the skin against free radicals induced by UV radiation, for example, thus forestalling premature, environment-related skin aging.
    • An emulsifier from regrowing raw materials: plant glycerin and vegetable fat plus citric acid. Binds oil and water. Cares for the skin.

  • *The declaration on the packaging prevails.
    Listing the ingredients in accordance with INCI (the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) allows a uniform, language-independent declaration of ingredients throughout Europe. Please see the list above for an explanation of the INCIs.
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