DeoSensitive Deodorant Spray 24h

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DADO SENS DeoSensitive Deodorant Spray 24h

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The gentle Deodorant Spray 24h without aluminum salts protects against odor. Especially suitable for very sensitive skin and atopic dermatitis. With natural ingredients like organic aloe vera and licorice root to soothe and moisturize.

  • Free from aluminum salts

  • Mild deodorant for sensitive skin & atopic dermatitis

  • Compatibility proven in dermatological tests

100 % free from colorants, preservatives, paraffins, silicones, PEG, animal extracts

Spray on to cleansed underarms.



    • Pure, undenatured ethyl alcohol, potable alcohol. Obtained by fermenting plants containing starch or sugar. Alcohol is deployed as a solvent for extracts and various active ingredients. It also has a refreshing, astringent, toning and preservative effect, and stimulates the circulation.
    • Spring water or thermal water. Water from the Bunter sandstone strata of the Northern Black Forest. Transported from our own wells drilled at a depth of 165 m. Unchlorinated and naturally pure. For moisturizing the skin’s surface and as a solvent for water-soluble active substances and botanical extracts. In ProBalance, REGENERATION E and Ectoin Anti-Aging Fluid, we use the mineral-rich thermal water from Bad Wildbad instead of spring water.
    • Triethyl citrate. An ester of ethyl alcohol and citric acid with a depot effect; used as a deodorant ingredient. Inhibits the enzymatic breakdown of sweat by forming citric acids. When used in low concentrations in an unperfumed product, the citric acid ester enables the product to have a long-lasting, pleasant and neutral odor.
    • Farnesol. A declarable fragrance contained in perfume compositions, and an active ingredient with antibacterial qualities.
    • Essential oils, distillates, perfume, fragrances, and aromatic substances. The collective term for everything that contains fragrances: from an individual essential oil through to perfume compositions made up of many different fragrances.
    • A surfactant/co-emulsifier. Produced from plant glycerin and plant fatty acids. It has moisturizing, emulsifying and caring properties.
    • Potassium salt of glycyrrhizinic acid. An active ingredient obtained from licorice root. Alleviates irritation.
    • Aloe vera from organic farming. 100 kg of juice yields 0.5 kg of spray-dried aloe powder. The powder does not need to be preserved. Moisturizes and soothes the skin.
    • A fragrance. A declarable fragrance contained in perfume compositions.
    • A fragrance. A declarable fragrance contained in perfume compositions.
    • A fragrance. A declarable fragrance contained in perfume compositions.

  • *The declaration on the packaging prevails.
    Listing the ingredients in accordance with INCI (the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) allows a uniform, language-independent declaration of ingredients throughout Europe. Please see the list above for an explanation of the INCIs.